What to Expect

Please read through carefully and be clear about our services and limitations as our concept is not suitable for everyone.

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What we provide

We cater towards family gatherings and reunions.

  • No-rooms concept
  • Digital TV with local channels. NO ASTRO
  • Sheltered BBQ site
  • Fridge, kettle & microwave

What we don’t provide

We do not cater to corporate events or meetings. We do not cater to teambuilding unlesss your group size is very small.

  • No internet connection
  • No accommodation for more than 30 pax
  • No personal items e.g. towels, toothbrush, toothpaste (please bring your own)
  • No separate rooms (no rooms for 2 pax only!)
  • No meeting rooms or facilities such as white board
  • No teambuilding or training facilities such as flying fox
  • No transport services
  • No karaoke or PA system

What you need to bring & prepare for

  • Safety and Valuables:

No house owner in the village is legally allowed to barricade the river as part of their property. As such, because the river is right next to us, it becomes an open pathway for the villagers (especially the village children) as the river is open to all. That being said, this is a security matter that we cannot avoid, and it is dependent on the guests’ initiatives to safeguard their belongings. This means locking the doors when you leave out to go for a drive, or to not leave your laptop unattended out in the open. Basic safety precaution can mean the difference, and once something is stolen, it will be impossible to get it back basically. At times, wild animals including wild boars do roam the village late at night searching for food. It is best to be indoors during such late hours. There is also a native aboriginal village nearby and they are also known to cross through the various lands and premises. Do not provoke or act untowardly to them, treat them with respect, and they will leave you alone. However, as we cannot vouch for every single native, we advise that you always safeguard your valuables if there is anyone suspicious or unknown to you that loiters around the area.

  • 100% Halal:

Under no circumstances are guests allowed to bring in and/or consume alcohol, pork, or other non-halal items within Saujana Janda Baik premises. This means that if you intend to have a birthday bash or celebration here, it will have to be alcohol and pork-free. Any guests breaking this rule will be blacklisted from coming again.

  • The Weather, the River:

Heavy rain does occur on occasion, resulting in rapidly rising water levels in the river. In cases of extreme rain or when the river turns a muddy color, do not swim as it is extremely dangerous due to the fast and potentially fatal undercurrents.

  • Cooking, BBQ and Cutlery:

There are no stoves provided to cook, but you may bring your own electric portable stoves or hot pots to cook things like rice. You should also bring your own cutlery, cups and the likes if you are not planning on eating out.

If you wish to have barbecue, you must bring your own items such as wire mesh, cutlery, forceps, and charcoal as we only provide a sheltered barbecue site.

  • Internet Access, Entertainment and Boredom:

We do not provide internet access because our location is too far from the main infrastructure to provide reliable uptime as informed by Telekom Malaysia. As such, we strongly encourage you to bring alternative forms of entertainment or methods to connect to the internet such as using a dongall if you need to get work done urgently, or if you are not a river or outdoor-type of person.

Also possible is poor or no phone network coverage depending on your service provider since we are high up in the mountains.

  • Wild Animals and Creepy Crawlies:

Wild animals such as dogs, cats, and sometimes even boars cross through the premise. Again, this is normal as it is a village! However, the animals will not attack unless provoked, so if you come across any stray animals, do not attempt to pet or approach it suddenly, and instead calmly try to create distance between you and the animals. They will normally walk away as they do not attack humans under normal conditions.

Cobwebs (not a bug), dead bugs, mosquitos and other bugs in general are a normal everyday occurrence in the village! If you can’t stand  them, please bring insect repellant and bug spray (especially during rainy / monsoon seasons such as during end of the year).

  • Contact Us

    • SMS +6011.1221.4123 
    • Email:info@saujanajandabaik.com

    • [NOTE: We receive lots of enquiries but will get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience.]